Looking to save time syncing Magento and Salesforce?

JunoSYNC is the answer.  Seamless and thoughtful integration to tackle even the most complex requirements.
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Synchronization Is Key

Product Synchronization Features

  • Integration Works with All Product Types
  • Sync all Standard and Custom Fields
  • Sync in Real Time or Scheduled*
  • Intelligent Product Matching

Customer Synchronization Features

  • Works with B2B and B2C Account Scenarios
  • B2B Account/Contact Matching
  • No Duplication Account/Contact Technology
  • Sync in Real Time or Scheduled*
  • Leverages JunoSFCA® Salesforce® Contact Integration

Order Sychronization Features

  • Create Salesforce® Opportunities from Magento® Orders
  • Enhanced Order Management using JunoOrders® Ŧ
  • Order Integration with Accounting Seed® Ŧ
  • Standard and Custom Order Fields Supported
  • Works with Cart2Quote®
  • Sync in Real Time or Scheduled*

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